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A Diet for Your Eye Health
Eye care is an essential part of any healthy lifestyle and proper eye health begins with regular visits to your local optometrist or ophthalmologist. Read More...

Laser Vision Correction
Millions of individuals worldwide have already benefited from receiving LASIK eye surgery, achieving excellent results and reducing their dependency on corrective lenses.Read More...


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Protect your eye sight
Many people who visit the EyePharmacy for eye care and health information have mentioned that they cherish their eyesight. Out of all five senses, they believe living without sight would significantly decrease the quality of the lives. Read More...

Eye Allergies and Contact Lenses
Spring is only a few months away and for many people that means allergy season. But for twenty percent of the general population that suffer from allergies, the change in season does nothing to alleviate their allergy symptoms. Read More...

Eye Pressure and Glaucoma
Ocular hypertension refers to any situation in which the pressure inside the eye, also known as intraocular pressure, is higher than normal. Read More...


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Diabetes Effects on Your Eyes

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